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Billet diameter: variable

Billet lenght: ≥250mm ≤ 1200mm, multi-piece billets possible

Extremely quick cycle times and high reachabilities are allowed through tested robot technology.

„Foundry“ design guarantees according robust and temperature-resisting dimensioning.

Elaborated gripper constructions without any moving parts, thus low maintenance.

Advantages over linear billet loaders:

  • Mature technology, world wide service network
  • Space-saving type of installation – e.g. while change of recipient
  • 6 axis enable precise and flexible positioning tot he recipient
  • Simple gripper construction
  • Cost-efficient

The manipulation of logs includes following functions:

Transport of bar packages from forklift unloading until the automated log storage.

Automated upright store until feeding roller of billet saw or preheating

  • 3-axes manipulatore heavy duty welded construction
  • Lifting device with belt drives, crash locking system
  • Gripper with self clamping
  • Long term expirience in manipulator construction
  • Positioning of all drive units +/- 1mm


  • Robust, multistrand conveyors with special bearing surfaces to provide a secure and safe transport
  • Separating station for icy log bundle
  • Separation of log from the bundle
  • High-quality speed controlled drives
  • High-quality corrosion protection suitable especially for outdoor installation
  • Special assemblies configured to transport short remaining bolts


  • 6-axes roboter mit special gripper

Scope of action

  • Billet turning – sawing side to the press tool
  • Discharge of billet samples
  • Handling of very short billets
  • Handling to fabricating devices
  • Connecting of residual billets
  • Storing of billet and residual billet management


  • upt to 40 storage places, ground space needed less than 2 m²
  • fully automated stoage of billets with length from 150 – 1000mm
  • management plc system for “zero scrap”
  • Automatic infeed to residual billet connector
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